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French aid to Haiti, a historical reckoning from an enslaved country.

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Every year that it passes, the death stoll raises, and sometimes it is cuz our greed and own violence yet, when the stoll is provided by nature, that is when our yes are ready to be open wide and think about our actions and those small habits that are causing our own tragedy, there are some countries that are not even moved by natural disasters, those named first-world-countries have such competent rulers that their own catastrophes look a lot different that say a caribbean country. Yet those who are in a privileged situation those are the ones that come forward ready to help, not questions asked and just making sure the helps gets to those who need it.

France is one of those places, that are not shy to help whenever it is needed, the french people know their position in, living in one of the most advanced countries in the world, with the best food and the best social help that one could ever ask for, their needs are met with sympathy and fast-action, yet it is not all about the privileges, as I was saying, they do have their own kind of tragedies but they look a lot different than the ones provided by nature.

In 2016 France deployed almost 900,000 euros as help aid for Haiti, this is one of the largest amounts a country provided for Haiti, Hurricane Matthew came through Haiti with a lot of force and devastation, they asked for help to anyone that could help them, their death were laying on the street, their homes were wrecked, their survivors would not have anything to eat, the children were looking for their parents, there were a lot of missing people, Haiti was not ready for a crisis like that, so it was only natural to ask for help, France was one of the first countries that came forward, their Center for Crisis and Support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development coordinated the provided help from ONGs, and the government

The aid provided by france’s hq youporn was only the half provided by the European Union, that tells you something about their power, their economic stability and the government that are providing the funds not withholding them for themselves as it always happen in under developed countries from LATAM and the caribbean.

The help consisted of medical equipment and supplies, medicines, water and volunteers, provided with knowledge, experts that did not hesitate and jumped to help those in need in Haiti, not only that, France also provided Haiti with 500,000 euros worth of food, adding on almost a million euros worth of help.

Let’s not forget that this help is from the benevolence from the french, we know they do want to help and they have the means to do it, yet, we must remember something historically important, before the 1800s France was one of the fastest growing countries and their grow, money and resources were provided by xnxx and those countries that fell under their siege, Haiti was one among those, the French were great conquerors and their hunger to expand their ruling was unstoppable. After 1600, Haiti was under French ruling, making it one of the wealthiest countries French had on it’s deck, the provided sugar and coffee from Haiti made this possible.

By 1716 Haiti exported 72 million pounds of raw sugar and 51 million pounds of refined sugar, two million pounds of cotton and one million pounds of indigo, all this from Haitian backs, they were enslaved and oppressed by their french rulers, making them rich and powerful, and making Haiti “the pearl of the Antilles”, the richest French colony from the 18th century.

So the help provided now on the 21st century from the french to their old colony comes from as a payment and a tribute to their wrongdoings, their ruling and the fact that they made a powerful country into their playground and sugar factory.

It was not until 1789 that the Haitians broke free from their French oppressors, as the French revolution began, there was a symptom surrounding that age, revolution was inevitable, the french would gain their own independence and with this their colonies were to seek their own. It came two years later, on 1791 led by the slave/priest Dutty Boukman on Bois Caïman who was later captured and killed but they could never stop what he started, an anger and country so hungry for their own freedom that the French saw their seige fall under the Haitians.